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We've long been awaiting for PUBG to branch out to the mobile device. Now it's finally here! We have been looking at suppliers everyday to get out some merch as soon as possible! If you have an iPhone we already have great phone cases for it here and here. We also sell LG phone cases, if you're into that kind of thing. But the by far coolest and newest product we sell are L1 and R1 trigger attachments that you can put on your phone. These cool pieces of merch are shown in the picture of this blog post.

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I like many of you reading this, am a big PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS player. I was interested in buying either a sweater or shirt for myself. When I went to the main website of playerunkown battlegrounds I saw that they had 4 shirts for sale, no hoodies, hardly anything. On top of this they were way overpriced. I went to amazon and other places only to find that there was no good place selling collections of merchandise for PUBG. Places like amazon and eBay had items, don't get me wrong, buy they were sporadic and didn't have items in convenient collections...

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We here at World of PUBG store have been obsessed with the game since it was in it's beta stages. Those of us that played it the most know the battle royal style of gaming was going to take off big time. We decided to look through all types of PUBG merch being sold. Lot's of it came from china and other countries making cheap products. Our process was to buy all of it, go through it, then stick with the products we thought were the best deals in terms of price and quality. We wanted to sell shirts, keyboards, all...

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