A Shirt That Will Get You Laid (multiple color options)

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This PUBG shirt may get you laid. Although we can't make any promises. But who knows, maybe she plays playerunknown's battleground and so do you. She comes up to you because she knows you play it. You two talk for a while, plan a date. End up going out for a while, then you two get serious. Finally end up married after a few years. She fulfills your life, you feel like you're finally living for something real, there's reasons to get up in the morning. You finally feel ambitious, you want to live for once. That feeling of loving someone more than you love yourself is real. Then one day she gets seriously hurt, you lay in the hospital for weeks by her side. She's in a deep coma. The bills begin to stack and the doctors say there's no hope but you won't leave her side. A year passes and you talk to her sleeping self every day, thinking if you say the right words it may bring her back somehow. Eventually you have no money left, and you make the hardest decision of your life, you have to let her go. You feel like you won't know how to live without her, she was your other half. You're an old man now. You never wanted anyone but her. So you take this shirt when you visit her grave, use it to wipe your tears as you explain how much you miss her. You go home and wait for time to pass, for you to get older and die so you can be with her again. You play PUBG everyday to keep your mind occupied. Eventually you're laying on your death bed, holding this shirt. The item that started it all. You've known nothing but sadness and pain for years. However, the years of happiness she gave you are far more powerful. You clutch this shirt as you begin to let go of life, a tear rolls down your face as one last thought goes through your mind "what an amazing life, and for only $24.75"